Santa Ana

What you need to know about Santa Ana Bail Bonds

If you’re reading this right now, that means that the unthinkable has happened.

Someone you know has been arrested and you want to get them out of jail.

You probably have a lot of questions about what to do. The process of getting someone out of jail can seem overwhelming at first, but in actuality it is a very simple and straightforward procedure.

On this page you’ll find all of the information you need in order to make informed decisions about what to do in this situation.

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What happens when someone is arrested in Santa Ana?

When someone is arrested in Santa Ana they are taken to one of two locations, the Theo Lacy detention facility or  the OC Central detention facility and processed as an inmate.

As part of this process, their fingerprints are taken and checked against a number of databases to determine their identity and if they have any outstanding warrants. A mug shot is also taken.

The process of checking into Theo Lacy can take up to 8 hours. After they have been checked in they are eligible to be bailed out of jail.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of the Santa Ana jail?

Once the inmate has been processed into jail their bail amount will be determined. In order to be bailed out of jail there are a few options.

1. Put up the full amount of the bond with the court. This money must be certified funds. All of this money will be returned once the case has been resolved in court.
2. Employ the services of a bail bondsman, who typically charge 10% of the total bond amount.

The fee a bail bondsman charges is a non-refundable, one time fee for posting the bond. This money is paid to the bail bondsman for the service of putting up the full bond amount with the court.

In addition to paying the 10% to the bail bondsman, someone will also have to sign on behalf of the defendant as the indemnitor, guaranteeing that they will make all of their court appearances and that they are financially responsible for that person in case they don’t go to jail.

Which bail bondsman in Santa Ana to use?

It is important that you choose a bail bonds company that has a strong reputation in the community it serves.

We recommend that you check out the Yelp page of any bail bondsman that you are thinking about using so that you can get unbiased opinions from third parties about the quality of the service provided by that bail agency.

Where is the Santa Ana Police Department?

The Santa Ana Police Department’s headquarters is located at:

60 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

You can call the department at 714-245-8665. You can also visit the department’s website.

You can reach the department off of I-5 from the east. Take exit 104B and head west on East Santa Ana Boulevard. Turn right on North Flower Street and then left on West Civic Center Drive. The police station is across the street from Heroes Elementary School.

Where is the Santa Ana Jail?

The Santa Ana jail is located in the same complex as the police department. It is at 1091 West Civic Center Drive. You can call the jail at 714-245-8100 from 7 am to 9 pm.

Who is the chief of police in Santa Ana?

Carlos Rojas is the chief of police in Santa Ana. He has served as the head officer since 2014. He has worked in the police department since 1990 and has a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Chapman University.

Who is the mayor of Santa Ana?

Miguel Pulido is the mayor of Santa Ana. He has been the mayor since 1994 and has been associated with the city since 1986 when he joined the City Council. He also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University-Fullerton.

Who are the representatives for Santa Ana?

Santa Ana is in the 34th Senate District in the California State Senate and is represented by Republican Janet Nguyen.

Within the California State Assembly, Santa Ana is in the 69th Assembly District and is represented by Democrat Tom Daly.

Santa Ana is in the 46th and 49th districts in the United States House of Representatives. These are respectively represented by Democrat Loretta Sanchez and Republican Dana Rohrabacher.

Demographic data about Santa Ana

As of 2010, the population in Santa Ana is 324,528. This is a decline from the 337,977 that was listed in the 2000 census.

The population of Santa Ana consists of the following:
148,838 (45.9%) White
4,856 (1.5%) African-American
3,260 (1%) Native American
34,138 (10.5%) Asian
976 (0.3%) Pacific Islander
120,789 (37.2%) from other races
11,671 (3.6%) from two or more races

Fun Facts about Santa Ana

Santa Ana is named after both the Santa Ana Mountains in the nearby area and the Santa Ana winds that often permeate the region.

The city of Santa Ana grew after World War II as more families moved into the region. The population went from around 45,000 in 1950 to nearly 100,000 in 1960.

The Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm amusement parks are located right outside Santa Ana. They are just northwest of the city.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim, which is where the Los Angeles Angels baseball team players, is right north of Santa Ana as well.

The John Wayne Airport is located in Santa Ana. It is a small airport that serves flights from Southwest for the most part.

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana is a noteworthy museum that has been in operation since 1936. It is an airport dedicated to art from cultures from all corners of the world.

The government and public service offices of Orange County employ more than 15,000 people.

Ingram Micro, an electronics company and IT distributor, has nearly 4,000 employees within Santa Ana.