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LA County City

When someone is arrested within the County of Los Angeles by the LAPD or any of the law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles County they are taken either to a local jail or to the Los Angeles County Jail. In many cases getting someone bailed out of custody at the local jail is much easier and faster than the Los Angeles County Jail. We are talking a difference in hours to days. When someone is processed after being taken into custody this includes taking fingerprints, taking a mug shot and checking for any outstanding warrants on several different databases. Once the record check comes back clean they are eligible for release by a bail bond. Contact us as promptly as possible, so we can help you secure bail prior to your loved one being transferred to the Los Angeles County Jail. Our bail bonds agents are here to help you anytime day or night, 365 days a year. Our phone number is (800) 224-5911.

Once an inmate is eligible for release from jail on bail; the inmate will be assigned a bail amount. This amount must be paid in order for the inmate to be released. This fee can either be paid in full directly to the court with certified funds. These funds are taken as a guarantee to ensure that the person being bailed out will make all of their court appearances. These funds will be returned in full minus any court fees once the court case has been resolved.

Another option is to use bail bondsman service. A bail bondsman will put up the full amount of the bail with the court for a onetime non-refundable fee, typically 10%. The benefit of using a bail bondsman is that you do not have to have all of the cash on hand in order to get someone out of jail.

The County of Los Angeles has the following correctional / jail facilities:

Los Angeles County is planning a proposed new minimum security facility for women inmates at the Pitchess Detention Center. Currently, women inmates are housed only at the Century Regional Detention Facility.
Medical Services Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is the largest correctional medical service
provider in the world.

North County Correctional Facility is also known as “SuperMax.”
The facilities of the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic were once known as Wayside Honor Rancho and was established as a minimum security facility in 1938 where inmates worked in a farm setting. The farm setting for the jail closed down in 1992.

Mira Loma Detention Facility is contracted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to house illegal immigrants until their immigration case is decided. The facility operates as a regular county jail except that persons housed there are identified as immigration detainees. These detainees are citizens of any one of more than sixty different countries. They remain in detention at the facility until their case is decided through Immigration Courts.  ICE personnel assigned to Mira Loma handle all detainee transport, releasing, tracking and deporting. Los Angeles County Deputies and Custody Assistants only handle the Executive Office of Immigration Review courtrooms at the facility.

The city of Los Angeles Jail Division has 10 jails, three large scale jails and seven small scale jails.

Large Scale Jails: Metro Jail, 77th Regional Jail and Valley Jail.

Small Scale Jails: Devonshire (temporarily closed), Foothill (temporarily closed), Harbor (weekend bookings only), Hollywood, Southwest (temporarily closed), Wilshire (temporarily closed) and Pacific.


What you need to know about bail bonds in Fullerton

Getting arrested in Fullerton is not fun.

There is a lot of stress and uncertainty you feel when you get arrested and temporarily lose control of your freedom.

It can be equally as stressful for the friends and family members of the person who gets arrested and have to figure out what to do next to get their loved one out of jail.

If you currently find yourself in this situation and are looking for answers about what to do to help someone who has been arrested in Fullerton, then you’ve come to the right place.

On this page, we at Angels Bail Bonds will provide you with information that will help you make a more educated decision about what to now to make sure that the person in jail comes home quickly and safely.

What happens when someone is arrested in Fullerton?

When someone is arrested in Fullerton they are taken to the Fullerton Jail, which is located at the Fullerton Police Department. You’ll find the address down below on this page.

A common case that we deal with in Fullerton is from people who go out drinking in downtown Fullerton and get arrested for a DUI. If someone is arrested for a DUI in Fullerton, they may be taken to the “drunk tank” which means that they will be held until sufficient time has passed for them to sober up.

After being arrested by the Fullerton Police officer, the arrestee will be taken to the Fullerton jail where they will be processed in accordance with standard inmate booking procedures.

These procedures include a background check, which is done after taking pictures, taking fingerprints and getting information from the inmate. This information is then checked against a number of law enforcement databases to see if there are any outstanding warrants for that person’s arrest. If such warrants exist, they will be added to the bail amount.

Once the records check has been done, the inmate will be eligible for release by bail. The records check process can take as little as 30 minutes, but could take longer depending on how busy the jail is.

It’s important that you bail someone out of the Fullerton jail before they are taken to the Orange County jail, which requires that they go through another booking process which can take up to 8 hours or more.

What does a Fullerton Bail Bondsman Do?

In order to post bail and secure the release of an inmate you have a few options.

You can either pay the full amount of the bail directly to the court. This money must come from certified funds and will be held for the duration of the court case. It will be released in full once the court case has been resolved, minus any court fees.

Most people don’t have the full amount of the bail lying around that they can leave with the court for a few years, and they instead prefer to use the services of a bail bondsman.

When you use a bail bondsman, they will put the money up with the court on your behalf and will assume the liability for the person that they bail out. This service is done for a percentage of the bail amount, usually 10%.
This is a one time, non-refundable fee.
In order to use a bail bondsman someone will have to sign as an indemnitor guaranteeing that the person being bailed out will make all of their court appearances.
In the event that the defendant doesn’t show up at court, the indemnitor will be financially responsible for paying the full amount of the bail bond.

Which Fullerton Bail Bonds Agent Should You Choose?

There are many bail bondmen in Fullerton that you could choose from, but not all of them are trustworthy. There are some people in this industry who operate with shady business practices that can end up hurting the people they bail out.

We recommend that you choose a bail bonds company that has a strong reputation in their community. The best place to check is on Yelp.

At Angels Bail Bonds we pride ourselves on having all 5 star reviews on our Yelp page, due to the tireless service we’ve provided Southern California families since 1956.

Check us out here.

Where is the Fullerton Police Department?

The Fullerton Police Department’s headquarters is located at:

237 West Commonwealth Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832

You can reach the department at 714-738-6800 on a 24-hour basis. You can also visit the department’s website.

You can reach the station by taking the Riverside Freeway and going north off of exit 27. Head north on South Euclid Street and then take a left on West Commonwealth Avenue. The station is right past Highland Avenue.

Where is the Fullerton Jail?

The Fullerton City Jail is also at 237 West Commonwealth Avenue. You can also contact the jail at 714-738-6800.

Who is the chief of police in Fullerton?

Dan Hughes is the head of the Fullerton police department. He has held the position since 2013. He has been associated with the Fullerton police department for nearly thirty years. He is also on the board of directors of the Fullerton Boys and Girls Club.

Who is the mayor of Fullerton?

Greg Sebourn is the mayor of Fullerton. He has lived in Fullerton for his entire life and holds a degree in Administration of Justice from Fullerton College.

Who are the representatives for Fullerton?

Fullerton is in the 29th Senate District in the California State Senate and is represented by Republican Bob Huff.

Within the California State Assembly, Fullerton is in the 65th Assembly District and is represented by Republican Young Kim.

Fullerton is listed in the United States House of Representatives as the 39th Congressional District in California and is represented by Republican Edward Royce.

Demographic data about Fullerton

As of 2010, the population in Fullerton is at 135,161. This is a substantial increase over the 126,003 people who were on the 2000 census.

The population of Fullerton consists of the following:
72,845 (53.9%) White
3,138 (2.3%) African-American
842 (0.6%) Native American
30,788 (22.8%) Asian
321 (0.2%) Pacific Islander
21,439 (15.9%) from other races
5,788 (4.3%) from two or more races

Fun Facts about Fullerton

Fullerton has been historically known for being a major hub for agriculture. The area had been very popular for its citrus groves.

The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was formed in Fullerton in 1946. The company is famous for its many guitars.

The Fullerton Observer serves the city twice a month as a fully independent newspaper that is run by an all-volunteer staff. The Observer is one of the few independent newspapers in the region to actually serve a suburb of Los Angeles.

There are numerous theater organizations based within the Fullerton area including the Fullerton Civic Light Opera, the Maverick Theater and the Hunger Artists Theatre Company among many others.

A campus that was owned by the Hughes Aircraft Company has recently been reconfigured to be a new residential and commercial center of the town called Amerige Heights.

The Fox Theatre in Fullerton is an old movie palace built in 1925 that is currently being restored. This movie house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fullerton has one of the strongest music scenes in the Los Angeles area. The region is especially famous for its strong influence on the hardcore punk rock scene.


What you need to know about bail bonds in Tustin

Are you looking for information about bail bonds in Tustin?

On this page we’re going to give you the basics of how bail bonds in Tustin work so that you can know what to expect when you call a bail bondsman.

Though getting someone out of jail can seem like a complicated and tricky process, it’s actually quite simple to understand once you know a little bit about how things work.

At Angels’ Bail Bonds we offer free bail information to make this process easier for you to navigate. If at any time you’d like more information you can give us a call anytime at 714-529-4106 and a friendly and professional bail agent will assist you

What happens when someone gets arrested in Tustin?

When someone is arrested in Tustin they are taken to the Tustin jail by the Tustin police department.

When they arrive at the Tustin jail they will be booked in as an inmate. Their pictures and fingerprints will be taken along with some other personal information.

This information will be ran against a number of law enforcement databases to see if there are any outstanding arrest records or warrants. If there are any they will be added to the bail amount that must be paid.

Once the records check process has been completed the person that has been arrested will be eligible for release by bail bond. The records check process can take just a few minutes or it could take a lot longer depending on how busy the jail is at the moment. It’s best to call your bail bondsman and have them ask the jail for you to find out.

What does a bail bondsman in Tustin do?

A lot of people don’t understand very well what Bail Bondsman actually do. We’d like to take a moment to clear up some misconceptions that people have about the bail industry.

When someone is arrested they are given a bail bond amount they must pay in order to be released. This money should be paid to the court, and will be returned after the court case has been resolved, minus any court expenses.

Most people don’t have all that money lying around to leave with the court for several months so they prefer to use the services of a bail bondsman. When you use a bail bondsman you only have to pay a percentage of the bail amount, not more than 10%.

The fee paid to the bail bondsman is a one time, non-refundable fee for the service that he provides. The bail bondsman also takes on financial responsibility for the people he bails out, so he carries a lot of risk if the people he bails out don’t go to court.

Which bail bondsman in Tustin should you use?

When choosing a bail bonds company in Tustin it’s important that you pick one that has a good reputation in the community. You don’t want to trust the fate of your friend or family member in jail to an amateur.

At Angels’s Bail Bonds we are proud of our all 5 star reviews on Yelp. You can check us out here.

Where is the Tustin Police Department?

The Tustin Department’s headquarters is located at the Tustin City Hall:

300 Centennial Way
Tustin, CA 92780

You can reach it by phone at 714-573-3200. The non-emergency hotline is 714-573-3225. The department is also accessible online.

You can access it off of Newport Avenue. Take exit 102 on I-5 and head north on Newport Avenue; Tustin High School and a Jack in the Box should be on your right. Turn left onto East Main Street and make a quick right on Centennial Way. The department should be on your left.

Where is the Tustin Jail?

The Tustin City Jail is located within the Tustin City Hall. You can contact the jail at 714-573-3200.

Who is the chief of police in Tustin?

Charles Celano is the chief of police in Tustin. He has worked with the department for more than twenty years and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Studies from California State University in Long Beach. He also has a Masters in Business Management from the University of the Red lands.

Who is the mayor of Tustin?

Charles Puckett is the mayor of Tustin and has been since 2014. He was also a member of the city council back in 2012.

Who are the representatives for Tustin?

Tustin is in the 37th Senate District in the California State Senate and is represented by Republican John M. W. Moorlach.

Within the California State Assembly, Tustin is in the 68th Assembly District and is represented by Republican Donald Wagner.

Tustin is listed in the United States House of Representatives as the 45th Congressional District in California and is led by Republican Mimi Walters.

Demographic data about Tustin

As of 2010, the population in Tustin is at 75,540. This is an increase of more than ten percent from the 2000 population of 67,504.

The population of Tustin consists of the following:
39,729 (52.6%) White
1,722 (2.2%) African-American
442 (0.6%) Native American
15,299 (20.3%) Asian
268 (0.4%) Pacific Islander
14,499 (19.2%) from other races
3,581 (4.7%) from two or more races

Fun Facts about Tustin

The Market Place is a popular outdoor shopping center in Tustin that has more than a hundred stores and has served the people in the area since 1988.

The area used to be home to a massive number of orange grove trees but numerous large trees can still be found around Tustin. This is what gives Tustin the nickname of the City of Trees.

There were three military bases located within Tustin during World War II.

Tustin has become a noteworthy city for having many professional baseball players coming from the area. These include players from the past and present like Shawn Green, Mark Grace, Gerrit Cole and Dave Staton. Many of these people went to Tustin High School.

Forbes has ranked Tustin as one of the top American towns to live in. This is thanks to the extensive number of sole proprietorships and start-ups located within the region.

A Navy airship base was formed on the southern end of Tustin during World War II. The dirigible hanger there is still standing; it is more than a thousand feet long.

Orange County

For every person arrested in Orange County, California regardless what city they are arrested in or whether the arresting agency is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department or a particular police department or a specific city, inmates eventually are transferred to the Orange County Jail, sometimes referred to as OC Jail, Orange County central jail or Orange County Main Jail.  The servicing entity that operates this jail also known as Orange County Detention Center is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department though people commonly refer to this agency as the Orange County Police Department.  However, there are large differences between and a sheriff and a police officer which will be addressed later.   The Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail began almost forty years ago in 1968.  The men’s facility holds up to 1433 inmates while the Central Women’s Jail houses 380 inmates.When a person has a loved one in OC Jail or even the adjacent jail called Santa Ana Jail, they commonly look for their loved one’s information using an oc inmate search, orange county inmate search or santa ana jail inmate search.  The only way to get accurate information is to call a local Orange County Bailbondsman or look for a reputable Orange County Bail Bonds company.  Even though, people will attempt to use the inmate search function online at, it is a requirement that a licensed bail bonds agent performs the search and be registered with the jail in order to get full information pertaining to an arrest log.  Otherwise, oc courts or orange county court system can be accessed at for warrant.  Another area to get pertinent information regarding ocjail and law enforcement activity in orange county is the oc sheriff blotter located at  Other large holding facilities that permit bail bonds orange county are theo lacy and James A. Musick facility also known as the “farm however must be posted at Orange County Sheriff’s Department Intake Release Center (IRC) located at 550 N. Flower St, Santa Ana, Ca, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Bonds can be posted at Theo Lacy facility for release from Theo Lacy Facility however, only during posted Cashier office hours.  The Theo Lacy Facility is a maximum security jail complex in the city of Orange covering approximately 11 acres, housing a maximum capacity of 3,442 inmates.   James A. Musick Facility Home provides custodial and rehabilitative programs for 1,322 adult male and female inmates and ICE detainees otherwise known as immigrations and customs enforcement detainees, you can search for their information here,  The “farm” does not have a cashier and bail must be posted either at Theo Lacy or ocjail.  If loved one’s choose not to use an orange county bail bonds company or any bail bonds company for that matter and prefers to post cash-bail this is acceptable too, however with a few caveats.  Bail can only be paid in cash, cashiers checks assuming it can be verified with the issuing financial institution and need to be made payable to the “Orange County Sheriff’s Department.”  Personal checks can be accepted providing that the preprinted name and address matches government issued ID such as California Driver License or CA ID.   Also the checks must be drawn on a California bank with a Cailfornia address.  Second and third party checks will not be accepted and only up to $7,500 per checking account.  Company and business checks are not accepted. Bail for all courts outside of Orange County, Ca must be paid in cash.  To reflect back to earlier point, the biggest difference between a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy is jurisdictional authority.   Police jurisdiction begins and ends in the municipality it serves.  Sheriff’s deputies, on the other hand have county-wide and in some cases state-wide jurisdiction.  As a family owned bail Bond Company since 1958, Angels Bail Bonds has served our community helping neighbors all over Orange County.  Our reputation has been built on a solid foundation predicated on uncompromising service, professionalism and dependability.  We are  proud to offer free bail information and tens of thousands of satisfied bail customers.  We offer a money back guaranty, we never close and service all courts and jails.  Angels bail bonds is conveniently located 500 feet from the Orange County Jail and 300 feet away from the Santa Ana Police Department where the Santa Ana Jail is housed.  We offer free bail parking for visitation and look forward to offering any free evaluation or consultation to help you determine a path forward even if it does not involve utilizing our services. There are instances where we have recommended and even had to convince interested parties to not pay for our service or post a bail bond and to wait a few hours or days as hard or painful as it seems to save the money, go to court, potentially get released on their own recognizance also known as OR, or potentially just be released.  You never know what may happen, we have a better clue with almost 60 years experience, give us a call and Angels Bail Bonds will see if it can help you today. We are open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.  We’re awake call us at (800) 224-5911 or (800) BAIL-911.