Long Beach

What you need to know about Long Beach Bail Bonds.

Let’s be real here for a moment.

The last thing you wanted to be doing right now was looking online for information about bail bonds in Long Beach.

Someone you know got arrested and you have to bail them out.

Figuring out how to accomplish that goal with as few complications as possible is now the job that you’ve been signed up for.

We at Angels Bail Bonds are here to make your life easier.

On this page you will find some basic information that will be useful for you in figuring out how the bail bonds process in Long Beach works.

If at any time you’d like to speak directly to a friendly and professional bail agent you can give us a call any time 24/7 and a bail agent will be more than happy to assist you.

The number to call is (562) 263-3433.

What happens when someone is arrested in Long Beach?

When someone is arrested in Long Beach they are taken to the Long Beach jail and booked in as an inmate.

As part of this booking process they will have their fingerprints and picture taken. Their information will be checked against several law enforcement databases to see if they have any outstanding warrants or arrest records. If they do these will be added to their bail amount.

Once the booking process has been completed they will be eligible for release. If the jail is experiencing a high volume of bookings this process could take several hours. If you want to know how long this will take it’s best to ask your bail bondsman.

What does a bail bondsmen in Long Beach do?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what bail bondsmen actually do, so let’s clear that up right now.

When someone is arrested they are assigned a bail amount that has to be paid before they can be released. This amount must be paid directly to the court and will be held for the duration of the court case to make sure that the person bailed out of jail makes all of their court appearances and doesn’t become a burden to the public.

Most people don’t’ have all of that money lying around so they prefer to use the services of a bail bondsman. Instead of having to pay the full amount of the bond they can pay only a percentage to the bail bondsman, and they will put up the money with the court.

The fee paid to the bail bondsman is a one time, non-refundable fee paid for the service of taking full financial responsibility for the people they bail out. To limit their liability they require that an indemnitor sign on behalf of the arrestee to assume financial responsibility for them and guarantee that they make all of their court appearances.

Which bail bondsman in Long Beach should you use?

There are a lot of bail bondsmen in Long Beach who are competing for your business, but not all of them would be good choices to make.

Reputation is really important in the bail industry. Some bail agents have bad reputations that ruin the image of our industry. You don’t want to be doing business with these guys.

The best way to know about a bail bondsman’s reputation is to check out their Yelp reviews. You can see what others are saying about them and get an idea of what your business relationship will look like.

At Angels’ Bail Bonds we are proud of our all 5 star reviews, which we’ve earned from our tireless service to Southern California families since 1958.

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Where is the Long Beach Police Department?

The headquarters and office of the Long Beach Police Department are located at:
400 West Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802

The police department can be contacted twenty-four hours a day at (562) 570-7260. The department also has its own website.

The department can be reached from I-710. Take exit 1C onto West Shoreline Drive. Merge left onto West Broadway and look for the station on the right past Magnolia Avenue.

Where is the Long Beach Jail?

The Long Beach City Jail is located at the Police Department station on 400 West Broadway. All visitations must be reserved in advance.

Who is the chief of police in Long Beach?

Chief Robert Luna is the chief of the police in Long Beach. He has held the position since 2014. Luna has been a part of the police force for nearly thirty years.

Who is the mayor of Long Beach?

Robert Garcia is the current mayor of Long Beach. A native of Peru, Garcia has held the office since 2014 and holds a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California. He is the founder of the Long Beach Post, a website that offers local news information on what is happening in the city.

Who are the representatives for Long Beach?

Long Beach is in the 33rd Senate District in the California State Senate. It is currently represented by Democrat Ricardo Lara.

Within the California State Assembly, Long Beach is in the 70rd Assembly District. It is represented by Democrat Patrick O’Donnell.

Long Beach is listed in the United States House of Representatives as the 47th Congressional District in California. Democrat Alan Lowenthal is the current representative in this district.

Demographic data about Long Beach

As of 2010, the population in Long Beach is at 462,257. This is a small rise from the 461,522 who were counted in the 2000 census.

The population of Long Beach entails the following demographics:
213,066 (46.1%) White
62,603 (13.5%) African-American
3,458 (0.7%) Native American
59,496 (12.9%) Asian
5,253 (1.1%) Pacific Islander
93,930 (20.3%) from other races
24,451 (5.3%) from two or more races

About 188,412 people (40.8%) are of a Hispanic or Latino origin.

Fun Facts about Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach is listed as the second-busiest container port in the United States.

The oil industry within Long Beach is particularly profitable. There are various oil fields around the region with plenty of oil reserves known to be located under the ground around the city.

Long Beach has an extensive music history and has been the home base for many noteworthy bands from the past and present including Snoop Dogg and Sublime.

The RMS Queen Mary is permanently docked at the city’s harbor. This ship, which is more than a thousand feet long, was used by Cunard as a cruise liner for much of the 1930s and 1940s and was retired in 1967. The ship is currently being used as a hotel and also houses its own maritime museum.

The Grand Prix of Long Beach is held in the city every year. This race is a part of the IndyCar Series of open-wheel racing.