Orange County

For every person arrested in Orange County, California regardless what city they are arrested in or whether the arresting agency is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department or a particular police department or a specific city, inmates eventually are transferred to the Orange County Jail, sometimes referred to as OC Jail, Orange County central jail or Orange County Main Jail.  The servicing entity that operates this jail also known as Orange County Detention Center is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department though people commonly refer to this agency as the Orange County Police Department.  However, there are large differences between and a sheriff and a police officer which will be addressed later.   The Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail began almost forty years ago in 1968.  The men’s facility holds up to 1433 inmates while the Central Women’s Jail houses 380 inmates.When a person has a loved one in OC Jail or even the adjacent jail called Santa Ana Jail, they commonly look for their loved one’s information using an oc inmate search, orange county inmate search or santa ana jail inmate search.  The only way to get accurate information is to call a local Orange County Bailbondsman or look for a reputable Orange County Bail Bonds company.  Even though, people will attempt to use the inmate search function online at, it is a requirement that a licensed bail bonds agent performs the search and be registered with the jail in order to get full information pertaining to an arrest log.  Otherwise, oc courts or orange county court system can be accessed at for warrant.  Another area to get pertinent information regarding ocjail and law enforcement activity in orange county is the oc sheriff blotter located at  Other large holding facilities that permit bail bonds orange county are theo lacy and James A. Musick facility also known as the “farm however must be posted at Orange County Sheriff’s Department Intake Release Center (IRC) located at 550 N. Flower St, Santa Ana, Ca, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Bonds can be posted at Theo Lacy facility for release from Theo Lacy Facility however, only during posted Cashier office hours.  The Theo Lacy Facility is a maximum security jail complex in the city of Orange covering approximately 11 acres, housing a maximum capacity of 3,442 inmates.   James A. Musick Facility Home provides custodial and rehabilitative programs for 1,322 adult male and female inmates and ICE detainees otherwise known as immigrations and customs enforcement detainees, you can search for their information here,  The “farm” does not have a cashier and bail must be posted either at Theo Lacy or ocjail.  If loved one’s choose not to use an orange county bail bonds company or any bail bonds company for that matter and prefers to post cash-bail this is acceptable too, however with a few caveats.  Bail can only be paid in cash, cashiers checks assuming it can be verified with the issuing financial institution and need to be made payable to the “Orange County Sheriff’s Department.”  Personal checks can be accepted providing that the preprinted name and address matches government issued ID such as California Driver License or CA ID.   Also the checks must be drawn on a California bank with a Cailfornia address.  Second and third party checks will not be accepted and only up to $7,500 per checking account.  Company and business checks are not accepted. Bail for all courts outside of Orange County, Ca must be paid in cash.  To reflect back to earlier point, the biggest difference between a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy is jurisdictional authority.   Police jurisdiction begins and ends in the municipality it serves.  Sheriff’s deputies, on the other hand have county-wide and in some cases state-wide jurisdiction.  As a family owned bail Bond Company since 1958, Angels Bail Bonds has served our community helping neighbors all over Orange County.  Our reputation has been built on a solid foundation predicated on uncompromising service, professionalism and dependability.  We are  proud to offer free bail information and tens of thousands of satisfied bail customers.  We offer a money back guaranty, we never close and service all courts and jails.  Angels bail bonds is conveniently located 500 feet from the Orange County Jail and 300 feet away from the Santa Ana Police Department where the Santa Ana Jail is housed.  We offer free bail parking for visitation and look forward to offering any free evaluation or consultation to help you determine a path forward even if it does not involve utilizing our services. There are instances where we have recommended and even had to convince interested parties to not pay for our service or post a bail bond and to wait a few hours or days as hard or painful as it seems to save the money, go to court, potentially get released on their own recognizance also known as OR, or potentially just be released.  You never know what may happen, we have a better clue with almost 60 years experience, give us a call and Angels Bail Bonds will see if it can help you today. We are open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.  We’re awake call us at (800) 224-5911 or (800) BAIL-911.